We're Relocating

Hello IL Family!
We're finally at the point that we can share our exciting news!

** We're relocating the Centre to 212 East Miles Street.
** As of APRIL 1, 2019


The dream to attain a more suitable space that allows us to grow and transform our programming to be the best that it can be has been on our minds for some time. There were so many factors to consider that it was not an easy task: namely, wanting to remain in the general area of Thunder Bay that we have been within was important to us. When we finally found the space that we're relocating to, it was obvious that the timing, which may seem sudden, was perfect.

This initial announcement will be followed by much more throughout March. We hope you will all stay in touch throughout this time and feel free to drop in for more information. We will have some printed material regarding this move available soon as well.

We can't wait to see us all in our new home soon!