Vision / Mission / Mandate


Through action and education we will achieve a community where an individual's choices and rights are enhanced through accessibility and inclusion.


To promote ability and independence within an inclusive community.

Mandate, Purpose and Goals

  • To maintain an Independent Living Resource Centre that will encourage self-determination, self-help, and participation of persons with any disability in the region.
  • To deliver personalized programs and services that develop and enhance individual skills and knowledge associated with independent living.
  • To provide opportunities for personal and professional growth through skills development and information and referral services.
  • To investigate and propose alternative models to fill gaps in service delivery as they are identified.
  • To promote public education about independent living and work towards identification and elimination of barriers towards independent living.
  • To provide educational and training opportunities related to disability in an effort to increase inclusion and reduce barriers.
  • To establish partnerships throughout the region that support our mission and vision.