Centre Team

Tom Pugliese

Telephone Extension 1

  • Executive Director
  • Operational / Organization Management
  • Program Administration and Development
  • Fund and Partnership Development

Jennie Gibbons

Telephone Extension 2

  • Program Coordinator - Employment
  • Program Facilitator - Yes Youth Can Program
  • Employment and Skill Development Specialist

Emily Bailey

Telephone Extension 6

  • Program Facilitator - Employment
  • FAST for Employment Program

Lindsay Beck

Telephone Extension 3

  • Program Facilitator - Employment
  • FAST for Employment Program

Ange Sponchia

Telephone Extension 8

  • Program Facilitator - Employment Outreach and Engagement
  • All employment program initiatives

Katie Bond

Telephone Extension 4

  • Program Facilitator - Recreation
  • Virtual Recreation Programming

Katherine Pohjolainen

Telephone Extension 5

  • Program Facilitator - Direct Funding
  • Direct Funding - Self Managed Attendant Care Program

Board of Directors

ILRC Thunder Bay is governed by a board of directors that ensures our mandate, vision and strategic plan is always focused.  

Our board:

  • Is comprised of individuals that believe in bettering our community and promoting the Independent Living Philosophy.
  • Is diverse and is mandated to be inclusive of individuals of all abilities;
  • Is comprised of not less than 51% of individuals that self-disclose a disability.

If you would like to bring your unique insight, energy and talent to our board of directors: Please contact our Executive Director, Tom Pugliese to express interest and to be invited to a meeting.