Recreation Programs

Recreation Program

The following generally addresses policies that apply to all of our recreation programming.

The intent of our recreation programming is to foster an environment where everyone participates as an individual and shares within the group to make each group member that much better. All recreation programming is inclusive, creative and can be a fun way to get social. Attending our recreation programming is in no way mandatory, but if you attend: participation in the programming is mandatory - but in a good way. The Independent Living Philosophy that we apply to all aspects of programming places the expectation on you to select and contribute to the activities you attend. Each month we offer a variety of events and activities that will give us the opportunity to build on existing relationships while forming new friendships. All of our staff provide a welcoming and exciting environment.

Who can join?

If you are a person who self discloses a disability, 16 years old or older looking to join a great group of people for fun: we want you!

What is the cost?

Typically there is no cost to any participant attending any of our recreation programs. There may be times when outttings are planned that will require a small fee to cover only the cost of the outting. We will usually seek free and/or ecconomic outtings, and often cost-share with participants. Unless otherwise specified, there is no cost for your support staff to attend.

What recreation activities do we host?

We have many fun, exciting and sometimes even educaitonal events happening every month. We facilitate activities or outings that interest you! If you have a safe, fun and creative idea, please feel free to tell us!  All activities, events and workshops are open to all participants of the Centre.  Many participants take on a roll of 'Volunteer' and help others who are attending.  We endeavour to host events that are ACCESSIBLE and INCLUSIVE to all and provide a safe, comfortable, REAL environment at all times. There is something for everyone!

Registering for activities and events:

Please make sure that when required, you register for events and activities we host.  There is often a cost for us to purchase materials and it helps us best use our resources if we only purchase for those who have registered.  All activities hosted at ILRC are FREE TO PARTICIPANTS unless otherwise stated specifically. Registraiton for all events and activites is first come / first served and we do currently have to limit the number of spaces available.


We do not have the capacity to provide transportation to recreation programming. Participants are required to arrange to provide thier own transportation to and from all recreation programming including any planned outtings.

Independent Living, Independence and Safety:

All participants are welcome to attend any of our recreation programming, but please understand that the staff of ILRC are not personal support workers and will not provide you with any of the types of supports a support worker is responsible for.  If you require supports while attending any of our programs or events, please ensure that you have those supports when you attend programming.  Your support staff are expected and encouraged to participate in our programming to ensure that YOUR experience is as Independent as you want it to be.  Support workers are expected to ensure that the participant they are providing services to are having their needs met at all times while also ensuring that the environment is kept positive for all other participants. 

  • ILRC expects that all participants will be respectful of themselves, all others and the ILRC facility when attending the Centre.
  • ILRC plays no role in transportation needs - You are expected to have your transportation requirements in place and in accordance with the scheduled times for drop off and pick up.
  • ILRC plays no role in the coming or going of participants. Participants that are attending our programs are welcome to leave the ILRC premises as they wish. If you are not in a position to leave the ILRC on your own - you should be attending with a support worker to ensure your safety.
  • ILRC has no guarantee that you will have fun. You should only register for activities you are in fact interested in. The activity that is scheduled to take place is the ONLY activity planned for that time. If you have chosen to attend an activity, you will be expected to participate in that activity and not be disruptive to those that are participating.