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General Information:

The FAST Program is here to assist you with finding the right path to become employed. FAST is designed to enable persons with disabilities to leverage all of the resources available to them: we can be your best next step to your employment success!

Program Team: The program team is comprised of Jennie Gibbons and Emily Bailey. They bring a comfortable and genuine approach to working with you while assisting you to become employed. Jennie or Emily will partner with you directly and may include those people that already support you as well. We encourage you to work with the FAST program as independently as possible, and that the choices you make are your own.

Program Eligibility:

The FAST Program staff MUST check that you meet eligibility criteria before we can consider your involvement in this program. Verifying your eligibility can ONLY be done following meeting you in person. The simplest criteria of eligibility are as follows:  

  • You must self-disclose a disability
  • You must be legally entitled to work in Canada
  • You have a Social Insurance Number (SIN)
  • You must not be eligible for Employment Insurance (EI) Benefits
  • You are unemployed (or working less than 20 hours per week)
  • You have not been open as a participant in a previous program 

Please keep in mind, we do not have control over your eligibilty, but rather we submit the information you provide to Canada. If for any reason you are found not eligible, we can typically provide you the reason why and at times provide assistance to help you become eligible.

Benefits for Participants:

There is no ‘one size fits all’, so as you work with our FAST team, a plan that best fits you will be identified.
The FAST Program may provide eligible participants with some or all of the following to promote your employment success:

  • Pre-employment services that can assist you with identifying the best employment goals for you
  • Funding for skill development training such as: Security Guard, AZ, DZ, Heavy Equipment Operator 
  • Funding for specialized training such as: First Aid, CPR, Safe Food Handling
  • Comprehensive assistance with developing your resume, cover letter and interview skills
  • Assistance with job search and applications (including online applications)
  • Funding for incidental work related requirments such as: short term public transportation, uniforms, work books, safety wear
  • Ability to offer employers a subsidized wage period to provide you work experience.
Please Note:

The FAST Program does not find or give you a job. We work with you in partnership to identify the best path for you to take to achieve employment success. You should be ready to take all the initiative required to become employed by working with us directly. We understand that you may have a support system and/or family who is also partnering in your employment goals, but ILRC insists on having regular and direct contact with you.

Benefits for Employers

Our ability to subsidize work experience could not be easier to access for employers – and it’s on purpose!

If you are an employer and are seeking to hire eligible participants of our FAST Program, OR if you have a potential employee candidate in mind that you think would benefit from our program: contact us!

We are eager to partner with all employers and seek to make accessing our services as easy and efficient as possible. Most employers and employment types will qualify for our program if:

  • You are interested in providing people with disabilities who are eager to work an opportunity to gain work experience for a specified duration of time
    • You are a licensed business with WSIB coverage for employees
    • You pay an hourly wage through standard payroll practices (not commissions, stipends, honorariums, etc.)
  • The prospective employee is NOT a relative of the business owner (some exceptions apply)
  • The prospective employee is NOT on your payroll prior to subsidized work exeperience (volunteers that are transitiioned to paid employment do quality)
Subsidized Wage Reimbursement:

We always prefer to discuss this directly, but our abilty to reimburse employers is designed to be as simple as possible.

  • FAST will reimburse a maximum 80% of the current Ontario Minimum Wage for any program eligible employee on a monthly basis
  • The duration of subsidy is flexible and is intended to best meet the requirements of both the employer and the employee

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