Connectors Program


Connectors Program Change: Effective April 1, 2019:

With the move to our new location, we've been able to return the Connectors Program to DROP IN once again!

Connectors is Every Wednesday:

Program Information:

Dates and Times:

Every Wednesday from 10am - 3pm LUNCH 12pm - 1pm

ARRIVAL: no earlier than 9:45 am
DEPARTURE: We ask that all participants leave or plan to be picked up at or before 3pm


Connectors is completely free of charge to participants - some pre-arranged outtings may have a small associated cost.


If you are planning to stay the entire day, please bring your own lunch. We have a microwaves for heating and a fridge if required.
At times we will provide lunch free of charge - this will be advertised on our calendar.


Connectors offers light snacks, coffee and filtered water to all participants, support workers, family and friends.


Participants provide their own transportation - pick up must be arranged at or before 3pm.


Participants choosing to attend our Connectors Program are encouraged to participate in all the planned activities.
If you are attending with a person providing you support - please ensure they are attentive to your needs and providing the support you need to be both active in the programming and independent.


We have planned activities each week that include cooking, crafts, sports, movies,holiday parties, etc.
Always feel free to suggest ideas for future activities and events!

Contact Us Today!

If you require further information or have questions.

Connectors Code of Conduct:

  • The Connectors program is a place for everyone to feel welcome, equal and have fun. All participants of the program are expected to treat each other and themselves with respect.

  • We count on you to use good manners and interact positively with everyone at Connectors.

  • There is plenty of time for you to take part in activities independently. However, on occasion, we will have group activities and special events that you will be encouraged to be part of.

  • Remember that you can always approach the ILRC staff if there is a problem you need to discuss.

Things you, your parents, caregivers and support workers need to know:

  • The ILRC staff does NOT provide direct personal supports to you the participant. We are here to encourage participation and facilitate the program in an inclusive and equitable fashion for everyone attending.

  • You, the participant, are free to come and go from the Centre as an independent adult. If you are currently not at this level of independence, ILRC staff should be informed and you should have supports or support staff in place to ensure your independence when attending the ILRC.

  • We are happy to work in partnership with you and your family to address your individualized needs. However, we CANNOT assist with medication, washroom use or feeding at any time.  We are not trained in these capacities and it is not our organization's place to replace or become your personal supports.  If you require assistance to be fully independent, you must have appropreiate and effective support persons  accompany you to ILRC programming.

  • Your support person is expected to be present, effective and attentive towards you, supporting your ability to fully participate in ILRC programming.

  • We attempt to inspire you to make independent choices for yourself that ensures individuality in our programs.

  • You are encouraged to make your own decisions as to what activities you are involved in. We hope you will try many of the various opportunities we offer, but realistcially, not everything is everyone. Please, only sign up for the programming you actually wish to take part in.